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                             Elsbridge Junction in OO - by SacredWolfie_MediaEdit

Elsbridge Junction was created in 2011 by SacredWolfie_Media.

Elsbridge is the main junction that links to Thomas's branchline and the mainline from Knapford. It's a small station with lovely green hills and fields that surround it, it was once one of the main stations that Thomas and Bertie raced from to Ffarquhar.

                                     Great Waterton in OO - by SkarloeyfanEdit

Great Waterton is a fictional setting from the Thomas the Tank Engine special titled 'The Great Discovery'.

It's a small station situated in a small hidden town on the other side of the Island of Sodor, it was the main town many years ago for engines and people coming from the mainland, and was once told to have been lost forever, until brave little Thomas, discovered it almost by accident on his travels back to the shunting yard.